About This Website

I wear two hats: I’m a professional photographer, but I’m also a professional web developer. I’ve been building websites for close to 20 years now, and through all that time, I’ve been searching for a simple method that will allow photographers to update their website at any time and any place.

Finally, I have put together a system that does just that — that allows someone to change photos and text from any location and from any computer or browser. No additional software needed, and no particular computer needed. You could take a great photo, then pop into an Apple store or hotel business room and within minutes have that photo on your home page. You can even do it from your phone or tablet.

And even better: it’s all mobile friendly — meaning it looks good on a phone as well as a computer. And on a phone or tablet, the photo gallery is “swipable.”

If you want to learn more about the exciting possibilities of this system, email me. It’s surprisingly simple, yet powerful, and, best of all, quite inexpensive because I’m only providing the structure; the photographer supplies the content.