About Kip Shaw Photography

I live in Edenton, North Carolina. I moved here from upstate New York (near Cooperstown) in the summer of 2009.

I love photography — have so since a very young age, which means for many years now! While still very much attached to traditional print photography, I also am excited about the emerging world of web photography, such as this website itself, which is my creation. I always enjoy helping other photographers and artists create a website to show their work.

Photography can now be shared with a worldwide audience. And, as the world gets smaller, and as families spread around the globe, it’s important to stay in touch visually — and this can be done beautifully through web-based photo albums. Whether it be a portrait gallery or a wedding album or a real estate portfolio, I can offer you both the photographs and the web development.

Furthermore, there is now the exciting new “Print on Demand” technology that allows for quick and inexpensive production of photography books, a service that I am also now offering to my clients.

I am always happy to talk with neighbors about photography and what I might be able to furnish them.