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Get Closer!

“Perfection is a killer in photography, & imperfection is totally underrated, just as sharpness is overrated” - Anton Corbijn, 2015

Kip’s Pic Tips & Tricks

Welcome to my blog, aptly named “Kip’s Pic Tips & Tricks.” ( Say that five times fast — hah! )

When I started in August 2015, I was publishing a new entry every Friday, but now they are being posted less frequently.

The reason I chose Fridays to post is that it gives you time to read the post before the weekend begins, and then, during the weekend, you can try out the tips & tricks from it.

And even though a camera is a machine, and therefore photography is a technical artform, I try my best to stay away from the techie stuff as much as possible.

I want this to be fun!

I guarantee that if you follow this blog and apply the ideas put forth, you will definitely improve as a photographer. And now that film is “free” and so is “publishing,” there is no better time to improve your skill set.

And one more thing: remember that the best camera in the world is the one that you have with you. More often than not, it’s your phone, but don’t forget to take along a non-phone camera if you have one. Oh, yeah — another thing: don’t fret about how “good” your camera is and how many megapixels it has, because any camera today is superior to the ones available to the great photographers of the 20th century. OK — one more thing: don’t fret about sharpness and focus too much, either. Sometimes a blur can be effective. If you see a photo — take it!

So let's get started!

Go to the first post — "Get Closer!"

And remember these words from a seasoned photographer:

I choose to allow the camera to do as much as possible for me, so my role is one of observer, not camera operator.