• I charge $90 an hour for portraits, events, and architectural photography (see below for high school senior portrait pricing).
  • I charge $180 per hour for weddings (minimum of four hours).

Why more for weddings? Because there is a lot more prep work and editing work for weddings (and responsibility — you can’t do it over). Engagement sittings are priced at the $90 per hour rate.

Travel time to and from — if further than 35 miles from Edenton — is $40 per hour.

Time is logged in quarter-hour increments.

I don’t charge for my editing work (unless elaborate photoshopping is requested), nor do I charge for uploading the photos to a private online gallery.

In addition to the online gallery, which you are welcome to share with whomever you want, I can provide you with a set of high-resolution photos on disc if requested.

I give you an unlimited use license for the photos — they are yours to do with what you want, forever.

If you want me to provide you with prints, albums, canvases, etc., I will be glad to help you with that. I don’t charge a markup above my costs for this, but I do charge for my time in doing this work, billed at $50 an hour. (Usually there is not much time involved in putting in an order.)

I try to keep things simple — for you and for me.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll get right back to you.

(I’ve noticed that some photographers are fond of calling this topic “Investment.” I guess that is supposed to lower the level of sticker shock.)

High School Senior Portrait Pricing

I charge $75 per outfit/location within a 30 mile radius of Edenton. Beyond 30 miles — like to Nags Head — is $100 per outfit/location. As with my other work, the price includes an “unlimited use license” (rights). I provide you with high-resolution digital images and an online gallery. I ask that you have a parent/guardian accompany you to the session. I also shoot the required formal shots (drapes/tux) at my studio at 112 East King Street in Edenton.